My name is Christopher Medlin. I am married to the perfect woman and I'm the father of a beautiful little boy. I current work at a Remote Security Company as a Team Lead and I manage about 30 people on any given day. With a high energy level and a focus that borders on obsession I am confident in my capabilities as a husband, father, and employee.

I am a self-taught web-developer. I was initially drawn to web design because of its unlimited potential and the logic behind the coding. I have always had a proficiency in the analytical nature of programming. It's something that I enjoy doing! Give me a problem to solve for you!

This is my mobile page. It doesn't have all the bells and wistles as the full site however you can still get an idea of who I am and what I do here. Feel free to send me a message and thank you for visiting my site today!




Providing undivided attention to whatever project is under way



Persuing knowledge with an obsessive desire



Quickly grasps concepts and functionality with complete understanding

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