Self-Righteous Rants

R.A.N.T. - Rigorous Arguments of a Narcissistic Tool

Please understand that this page is more for me to rant on about various things than anything and I am writing in online in order to allow you, the user, a glimpse into my personality. If you do find yourself reading it then tread lightly as I can be very objective at times. Offense is never my intention. Thanks!

Entry 1 - 2/28/16 9:03 PM

Hello all! I am sitting at my desk and pondering today's youth. I currently work at a remote security company as a team lead. This means that I spend my days attempting to motivate and lead about 20-30 people. It is not unlike parenting my 2-year-old sometimes. I catch someone doing something they shouldn't be and they throw a tantrum where I then have to remain calm and explain to them (in small words) why they shouldn't do what they were doing.
Growing up I was terrible in English class. I never liked how for any English problem there was never just one right answer. Everything was so subjective... Now I am finding a lack of grammar increasingly annoying. I hear things like "Why ain't you done did that already?" and I can feel myself getting angry! There is NO excuse for ignorance when we live in an age of free information. If someone speaks poorly it is because they choose to. (I feel the need to mention that this isn't directed towards people who grew up in bad areas or with limited resources(and I'm also not referring to simple grammatical mistakes, I am speaking of the blatant disrespect for the English language) )I know people I went to high school with who can't use the word "well" to save their lives! I guess it all comes down to who you want to be. I want to end up being like my own father who seems to know everything (not sarcasm.) I embrace ways for me to become more intelligent in all its definitions.